Meet Polo

Meet our pride & joy Polo Reyes. My boyfriend and I met Polo as “Johnny M” in December of 2012 at Charles Henderson Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, NY. He was just 8 weeks and had been saved from being gassed at the local high kill control center. They and mom were dumped at the shelter and left to be gassed.

My boyfriend had been looking for a puppy for a while. He had always wanted one, but it was hard to own a dog in an apartment building. You can say Polo’s life was pre-planned already the minute he moved into his new house. The most important factor when house hunting was a big enough backyard for a dog to be able to play/ run around in. We went to a number of shelters to check out the puppies. Let me just say that this was probably the most difficult part of the process. It was heart-breaking to see all of these dogs behind gates with their sad puppy eyes just begging you to take them home. I could cry just writing this. He searched and searched but could not find the particular breed he was looking for. He was looking specifically for a Rottweiler mix. Didn’t matter which mix exactly, my boyfriend was just always fascinated with the loyalty that Rottweilers retain as a characteristic. My boyfriend has this thing about loyalty (I will save that for another post, it’s a long one). Anyway, he began looking online and received a notification about two rottweiler/boxer mixes that were brothers. At this point he was unsure about even making the big trip out to Brooklyn, but I told him “if you want him, then go get him.” So he did just that.

It was sort of a bittersweet day when we first met Polo. To add, it was pouring rain out. We arrived and we couldn’t go inside the building so Charles brought the puppies out in blankets into the car. For one, we had to choose between him and his adorable brother, Mr. G. We wanted to take them both home so badly, but being fresh out of college isn’t the ideal situation to take on 2 puppies at once. Mr. G was so sweet, quiet and sleepy. He was so cuddly and adorable. Johnny on the other hand was all over the place squirming around and a bit of a nibbler I might add. It didn’t take long to realize that the feisty one that peed on me was the perfect one for my boyfriend.

More stories to come on the story of Polo…