Polo’s 1st Birthday Pawty


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This was my first DIY party. I searched up a lot of the overall ideas on Pinterest, just type in “dog party” and you will find tons of creative ideas!

Photo cred: Lauren Ahearn, check her beautiful pictures out on Instagram @followmyheart_

Things I made:

Puppy Chow

Items needed:

1. Cut the Styrofoam to the size of the box, place it inside the box aligned so that it fits right in

2. Turn the box over and poke the amount of holes desired on the flat side of the box. Make sure the holes go into the Styrofoam as well (I would test the cones before poking the holes so that they fit evenly)

3. Wrap the box with the wrapping paper you picked out then poke the holes through the paper into the holes that should already be there

4. Stick the cones into each hole and clip your signs onto the cones

5. Fill the cones with party mix and get your pawty on!

Pawty Cakes recipe


Things I did not make:

  • “Sammiches” & “Fetch” cookies along with other salads provided by Gabby’s Gourmet Deli in Woodbury, NY http://www.gabbysgourmet.com/
  • Paw print cake was made at Reinwald’s Bakery in Huntington Village, NY http://www.reinwaldsbakery.com/
  • Balloons provided by 110 Party Supply in Melville, NY http://www.110partysupply.com/
  • “Chew” & the happy birthday bone – Petco
  • “Pupcorn” boxes, all cutlery, goodie bags, “doodoo” chocolate coins – Party City
  • Paw print ribbon for the goodie bags is from Michael’s (I filled these with a Petco tennis ball and a dog treat)

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