Take a moment…

I think many forget about what’s really important in life lately. I wish we could all just take one step back for a moment and remember the basic values; caring for our loved ones, tending to own needs/well-being, displaying kindness for those less fortunate. We get too caught up in knowing, even studying the business of others when all of a sudden we can’t even remember what’s nutritious to the soul. Stop keeping tabs on what others think about you, pay attention to what you think about you. Do you like you? When you’re all alone are you truly pleased with yourself? Do you honestly enjoy what you do on a daily basis, or are you just doing it because you have to and you’re stuck in your robotic ways? I have to make it a point to start reaching out to people I’ve lost touch with and show that I am selfless, share memories and enjoy some good wholesome company. I have to make a promise to make those I really love happy, when they are happy I am. It’s in my nature to nurture.


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