Life is like a pen, paper, and white out.

Paper is your life.
The Pen is you.

We go through life making our mark wherever we go.

It is impossible to never make a mistake.

Sometimes we scratch it out. Start a new sentence or just continue on like it doesn’t exist.

Sometimes we use whiteout to hide it and mask it. Pretend it’s not there, pretend it never happened. We write over it, above it, below it, around it.

Sometimes we don’t even know we made a mistake until we stop and take the time to reflect and review.

We stop using whiteout when we don’t care.
We stop scratching out when we don’t mind.
We stop looking for mistakes when it doesn’t matter.

Whatever the case, the mistake is there. We will always know where it is and how it got there. We know the truth behind the mask. We know what it took to fix that mistake. We may forget that it exists, but when something comes about that reminds us of it, we will always remember how little or much it hurt.

*I didn’t make this up myself, but it caught my eye and got me thinking*


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