60th Birthday Party

When it comes to a milestone party, I always make it a point to add a personal touch whereas everyone can go home with something that pertains to them. Below is a Pinterest-inspired great personal touch for a 60th birthday party, or really any milestone party. Of course I used my own method for the triangular photo frames. Here’s what you’ll need and how to use the material:

  • Order plain black frames in bulk on any dollar store website. They usually come in dozens. I tried to find the cheapest frames I could find because they get taken apart anyway.
  • Permanent glue dots from Home Depot – use your adhesive of preference, the glue dots just happened to made it easier for me in this case. I tried hot glue first, but the sides were too thin. When I used the glue dots, I stretched each individual one and stuck it where I needed to. You’d be surprised the miracles glue dots perform.
  • Photos – Pinteresters say to print them on vellum paper, but these were printed on regular photo paper and worked just fine. I like them in black and white so when the lights are dimmed and candles are lit, it gives the photo a sepia look. Taking the backing and glass out helps light it up even more.
  • Flameless candles – they last up to 10 hours and won’t burn anything (Michael’s)
  • Fake rose petals were bought in bulk on Amazon
  • Vases – bought in bulk on any flower and vase online store
  • Floating pearls, transparent gels and small candles – Amazon, each sold separately

This party was actually a cocktail party. So few table for people to sit, leaving guests with only the choice to stand around the cocktail tables or the bar. I loved this idea because it keeps everyone up, drinking and dancing. No meals, just hors d’oeuvres. Personally, I am not a huge fan of your typical party at a catering halls where, as a guest, you’re forced to follow the set schedule. So this idea I love! Below are what I did with the cocktail tables and what I used:

  • Fish bowls – dollar store
  • Fake flowers: white carnations, lilies, red queen roses, ivy stems – dollar store
  • Black sand – dollar store
  • Twine – dollar store (I know lol, I was in heaven)
  • Pearls and baby’s breath stems – Michaels, try and catch them when they’re on sale for 40% off
  • Branches – my backyard – spray painted with gold metallic spray from Michael’s (spraying anything with this spray makes it look expensive and good quality)
  • Golden confetti – Amazon – this confetti was actually part of a larger bag with “Golden” and “60” on them. I took the little square shaped ones and threw them on the cocktail tables to liven them up a bit
  • Burlap – Michael’s or JoAnn’s
  • Candles – Michael’sย 

Here’s an additional centerpiece for the small round tables on the side. Pearls, transparent gels for the pearls to float and vases all bought on Amazon. ย Candle holders and candles from Michael’s.ย 

Every milestone party should have a section that honors the person being celebrated. Here is what I created to pay tribute to the birthday fella:ย 


Favors table: