90’s Theme Party 

90’s theme party centerpiece. Found some old CD’s in the basement (which we all know we won’t use anymore), placed them upside down on both sides of the vase along the table runner. Make sure to clean the CD’s for scratches like you did in the old days when you wanted to listen to your favorite tunes. Makes them look nice and shiny on the tables.


90’s theme party centerpiece. Ordered the vases {Amazon} 2 packs of 4 – 6″ cylinder vases. Cassettes {Amazon} – they sell them in different colors – I ordered them in white 100 pack – spray painted them myself. Colorful confetti {Jo-Ann’s} which isn’t necessarily confetti I just used it that way. There are those styrofoam shapes in the kids arts and crafts section.

90’s party theme board – some of the pictures I printed which I couldn’t fit on the board, but thought were necessary. Just ripped a flap off a cardboard box and pinned these pictures on with thumbtacks. Don’t limit yourself to just pictures of celebrities – think toys, fads, controversies, changes, news.

90’s theme party backdrop! Go into your nearest fabric store {I went to Jo-Ann’s} and find the biggest white cotton fabric available. Of course you can choose whichever color or even a patterned one. I was going for simple and shape filled. I found packs of card stock in pastel colors and black and cut them out. Just used double sided adhesive stickers fit for fabric. Used the black card stock more for the 3D look.

What’s a 90’s theme party without the full nostalgia? Print all 90’s things you can think of online and thumbtack them onto a huge cork board {Staples} for a 90’s collage.


Favors table. Slap bracelets {Amazon}, blow up 90’s phone {Amazon}, butterfly clips {Etsy}, silly putty {eBay}, troll dolls {eBay}, 90’s pins {PINKTASTIK BUTTON CO.}. I am definitely going to purchase more pins from Pinktastik for future parties, they seem to have items for every theme! They were a huge hit at my party and the perfect addition to my props table. The photo props I just printed 90’s things on the computer. Make sure to look for images that are large in size so it prints out nicely. I took wooden skewers and taped the cutouts right onto them. But I did notice that now Pinktastik sells props like these as well. If you don’t have the time to make these, make sure to purchase from them, shipping is quick. You can follow Pinktastik on Pinterest & Instagram for more ideas.

90’s everything! Collage, pixie sticks, bubble gum tape, push pops, bottle pops, ring pops, origami, MASH, troll dolls, slap bracelets, butterfly clips (I would’ve added chokers too)


Polaroids! Lucky for me my sister had a friend with a Polaroid camera. If you don’t know anyone with one investing in one isn’t such a bad idea. Very useful and fun for any occasion. Easy to order refills on Amazon.

90’s outfit inspirations!! Mostly found at the thrift store. Wardrobe change is a must for the birthday girl/boy.

Check out more of my ideas on my Pinterest page http://pin.it/eGGzuDr

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