Gifting Ideas 🎁

Please take a moment to look at my thoughtful gift creations for loved ones. They may not be elaborate ones,  but they are always appreciated. It feels really nice to genuinely want to make someone happy with the”little things.”

The Little Things on Vero Wang’s Pinterest


Gifts in a jar

Make your gift the personal one fit perfectly with what they like..

Tea Time Jar


  • Rocks and sand – Michael’s
  • Honey wafers, honey, cinnamon, cookies, mug and ribbon – Marshall’s
  • Tea infusers and green tea (which I found out is the person’s favorite tea) – Amazon
  • Emporor’s Clouds and Mist Green Tea – Teavana
  • Jar – Target

Martini Lover in a Jar


  • Jar – Target
  • Midtown Martini chiller glasses, The Little Black Book of Martinis, Stainless Steel and Pewter martini picks – Amazon
  • Pebbles – Michael’s
  • Mini liquor bottles – local liquor store
  • Ribbon – I had laying around for Christmas wrapping
  • Mixed nuts and dark chocolate in gift bag with packaging for glasses and picks