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I think many forget about what’s really important in life lately. I wish we could all just take one step back for a moment and remember the basic values; caring for our loved ones, tending to own needs/well-being, displaying kindness for those less fortunate. We get too caught up in knowing, even studying the business of others when all of a sudden we can’t even remember what’s nutritious to the soul. Stop keeping tabs on what others think about you, pay attention to what you think about you. Do you like you? When you’re all alone are you truly pleased with yourself? Do you honestly enjoy what you do on a daily basis, or are you just doing it because you have to and you’re stuck in your robotic ways? I have to make it a point to start reaching out to people I’ve lost touch with and show that I am selfless, share memories and enjoy some good wholesome company. I have to make a promise to make those I really love happy, when they are happy I am. It’s in my nature to nurture.


Graduation Party Ideas

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I did some DIY for my sister’s graduation. Most ideas obtained from Pinterest, customized at my own desire of course! See below.

Graduation Cap Card Box –  http://ideasandinspirationsfrombfchawaii.blogspot.com/search?q=graduation+cap+card+box I cheated and skipped the step using the cut foam board for the bottom part, instead I bought a hat box from Michael’s and glue gunned it to the square foam board. I also used my sister’s actual tassel, I just didn’t use much glue to avoid ruining it.

The jars – I bought sheets of burlap at the Jo-Ann fabric store, if you don’t have any near you, this can be found at any local fabric store. I also bought the jars here, they came in a 24 pack. I cut a cardboard into the desired tag shape and used it as a stencil to cut each piece. I used large letter stickers as stencils for the numbers and a black permanent marker. I bought the twine at Michael’s (which I later found out they sell at the dollar store). I also glue-gunned the twine to the jars to secure them and make them look neat. I filled the jars with clear colored pebbles from the dollar store and bunches of baby’s breaths from the floral section at Michael’s.

Books – I happen to have an Encyclopedia collection in my basement which I finally put to use. You just need to get shipping paper at Staples and cover the books as you did in middle school! I tied the green twine around two books each like a gift. Obviously any books are useful for this idea, I just really enjoyed the fact that they all matched.

Bubbles – These I have to say were sort of a fail, but definitely a cute little add-on. I say fail because the wind kept knocking them over, I’d say put them in a little candle holder. Little graduation bubbles I found at the dollar store in 10-packs, mesh from the fabric store and white ribbon I had laying around from Michael’s.

Let’s Make It Official

The Golden Dood

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Recently I have found some really neat and exciting things on the internet. One of my favorite websites is dogster.com because there is always a heartfelt story or new product to try out. It features everything from hilarious photos and inspiring stories, to reviews on veterinarian clinics and more. One of my recent treasures I found on dogster is My Happy Park. The name of the website may be a little deceiving. This website doesn’t feature parks and playgrounds but is actually quite the opposite. My Happy Park is a fun little place where you can create a birth certificate or adoption certificate for your pup. These aren’t just any certificates either! They are top of the line, fashionable certificates. What better way to say “Welcome to the family” than a certificate that’s all their own! The best part about these certificates is you get to choose what you…

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Last Year’s Carved Pumpkins


Can you tell I’m excited for the Fall already? I am 23 years old and last year was the first time I had ever carved pumpkins. I have to say this was so much fun! For those who think it’s hard, it’s not that bad when you have a carving kit from Michael’s handy and a couple of creative friends to motivate you. Can’t wait for this year’s creations!

Creds to @followmyheart_ & @el_rey995 on IG