Graduation Party Ideas

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I did some¬†DIY for my sister’s graduation.¬†Most ideas obtained from Pinterest, customized at my own desire of course! See below.

Graduation Cap Card Box – ¬† I cheated and skipped the step using the cut foam board for the bottom part, instead I bought a hat box from Michael’s and glue gunned it to the square foam board. I also used my sister’s actual tassel, I just didn’t use much glue to avoid ruining it.

The jars –¬†I bought sheets of burlap at the Jo-Ann fabric store, if you don’t have any near you, this can be found at any local fabric store. I also bought the jars here, they came in a 24 pack. I cut a cardboard into the desired tag shape and used it as a stencil to cut each¬†piece. I used large letter stickers as stencils for the numbers and a black permanent marker. I bought the twine at Michael’s (which I later found out they sell at the dollar store). I also glue-gunned the twine to the jars to secure them and make them look neat. I filled the jars with clear colored pebbles from the dollar store and¬†bunches of baby’s breaths from¬†the floral section¬†at Michael’s.

Books РI happen to have an Encyclopedia collection in my basement which I finally put to use. You just need to get shipping paper at Staples and cover the books as you did in middle school! I tied the green twine around two books each like a gift. Obviously any books are useful for this idea, I just really enjoyed the fact that they all matched.

Bubbles – These I have to say were sort of a fail, but definitely a cute little add-on. I say fail because the wind kept knocking them over, I’d say put them in a little candle holder. Little graduation bubbles I found at the dollar store in 10-packs, mesh from the fabric store and white ribbon I had laying around from Michael’s.